Louder Calls For Silencers

As the governor of Iowa prepares to sign a law allowing suppressor ownership in the state, gun rights groups are working to remove several federal restrictions related to the purchase and ownership of suppressors.

In Iowa, Gov. Terry Branstad is scheduled to sign House File 2279 into law at Brownell’s headquarters in Grinnel, according to this story from kcci.com. The state Senate passed the bill on March 17 to allow the legal sale, use, and possession of firearm suppressors. It also provides penalties in addition to regulations. Currently, cans are illegal in the state.

Nationally, the Hearing Protection Act would exempt suppressors from the National Firearms Act of 1934, a law that also regulates short-barreled rifles, stocked pistols, fully automatic firearms, and other devices. Currently, if you want to buy a suppressor, you must pay for a $200 tax stamp and wait several months for the ATF to process the extensive paperwork and background checks on the item before purchase is allowed.

This story from the Free Beacon says a coalition of gun rights groups, including the NRA and NSSF, are making the bill a top priority for 2016, along with SilencerCo, a leading suppressor manufacturer.

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