A Sobering Reminder

Safety, safety, safety!

32-year-old David Pressley lost his leg to shrapnel after he and his friends loaded an old lawnmower with 3-pounds of Tannerite and got too close.

In the graphic video above, courtesy of WXIA Atlanta, Pressley can be seen shooting the lawnmower from a distance reported to be 43 feet away.

When the target indicator goes off, the lawnmower is flipped and shrapnel flies out, severing the man’s left leg below the knee.

According to reports, Pressely’s two friends were able to apply a tourniquet and he was rushed to a nearby hospital by helicopter, saving his life.

Read the rest of the article: http://www.guns.com/2016/03/25/georgia-man-loses-leg-in-binary-target-explosion-video/

One thought on “A Sobering Reminder

  1. Natural selection at its finest. When you shoot at a lawnmover packed with explosives, you are simply too dumb to live. It`s pointless, there are no reason to do it. You are just waisting air, food and skin. So I think it`s a shame it didn`t take his head off, because this creature is still waisting air, food and skin. Fucking gun nuts…you`re so annoying, you point a stick and press a small metal hinge with a finger. And that`s a huge deal to you, gotta play with guns, it makes me soo cool. I can`t stand guns, it`s the cowards choice. The more guns, the bigger the coward. The only thing I dislike more is you gun loving morons out there. Luckily alot of you shoot yourself by accident, that`s the only good thing about you.

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