Hearing Protection Act (HR 3799) Gaining Steam In Congress

After 82 years, it looks like one bi-partisan bill may finally remove firearm suppressors from the National Firearms Act regulation.

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) introduced the Hearing Protection Act in Congress last October along with 10 co-sponsors. Since then, it has become one of the most viewed bills in Congress. HR 3799 picked up the support of Rep. Charles Fleischmann (R-TN) last week, bringing it’s total number of co-sponsors to 50; 49 Republicans and 1 Democrat.

The bill’s intent is to amend the Internal Revenue code to remove a $200 transfer tax on the purchase of silencers and “treat any person who acquires or possesses a firearm silencer as meeting any registration or licensing requirements of the National Firearms Act.”

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7 thoughts on “Hearing Protection Act (HR 3799) Gaining Steam In Congress

  1. IF, and I repeat, IF it passes and gets signed into law, does that mean no more Form 1 and Form 4? Just walk in, do the 4473, pass NICS, pay the money and walk out with it?
    Build your own with no forms just like a rifle from 80% lowers?
    (My suppressors start as 0%, but with a Form 1)

  2. Geoff, YEP that’s what it would mean! Call your legislators! Tell them vote yes!

  3. unfortunately, It will be said that the reason so few “suppressors” have been used in crimes, is due to the tax stamp and the Titanic problems that would befall the registered owner of said device should it fall into the wrong hands and be used for evil purposes. If all you need to buy one is a successfully completed form 4473 then they can then be sold as personal sale to anyone without repercussions just like a normal firearm are now. which means pretty much anyone can have one. form 4473 does such a good job of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

    in order to successfully get rid of the tax stamp a NEW classification of firearm would need to be created in order to address this issue. such as no tax stamp, but mandatory registration and making items NON transferable, so that they cannot legally be sold or in the possession of anyone but the person that signed the form 4437 under penalty of mandatory prison. that way people do just leave them in their glove box to be stolen etc.

    Right now it is mandatory for all NFA items to be secured under lock and key, accessable only to the entity listed on the form 1 / 4. How many of us leave guns in the cars, in unlocked cabinet draws at home, just waiting to be burgled. right now at home all my NFA is locked up, but there is a shot gun in the hall closet, a glock in night stand and S/W ultra light in dresser draw. And that is just the bed room. What about Form 1 items, SBR, SBS, Home made silencers. What mechanism is in place that would accommodate home made devices, that need to be registered, Now you have a DIY suppressor, but no for 4473 to accompany it.

    My pointt is that a lot of things would have to happen along with removing the inconvenience of the tax stamp, in order to keep people vigilant with regards to sbrs, sbs, suppressors. this is not simple legislation to “remove” the tax tamp.

  4. I can’t find any new updates on it, so I’m assuming it is stalled in Congress.
    Maybe when Trump is President it will go somewhere.
    IMO, the 1934GCA should be repealed. It hasn’t accomplished anything except cost millions of law abiding gun owners $200 for every NFA firearm with absolutely nothing bad happening.

  5. Due to many years of shooting(even with ear protection muffs) I have some hearing loss.This bill will help the younger shooters enjoy the sport of shooting without the fear of hearing loss.It is my with that it passes. It will be a great health advantage to future sportsmen.

  6. My hearing isn’t all that great either at 65, so I paid the ATF $400 so I could build 2 Form 1 suppressors. I have one in 5.56 and 1 in 30 caliber for my 300BLK AR. SOOOOOOOO Much Better! With subsonic ammo all I hear is the hammer drop on the 5.56 and the action cycling on the 300BLK. And the “THUMP” of the bullet hitting the target.

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