Zachary Hill Memorial Fund

I have already donated some to the cause. Please share this and donate if you are in a position to be able to do so.

On Friday morning Zach Hill passed away. Many of the regulars here probably recognize that name. Zach was one of my best friends. He was one of the members of Writer Nerd Game Night. He was a regular in the Utah writing scene. I know lots of you know him from his website as the Minimum Wage Historian.

A donation page has been set up for his young wife, Mackenzie here:

Last Friday was supposed to be game night at my place. For all of us this is something we look forward to all month. I was writing that morning when I got a message from Zach’s older brother George that Zach had passed out at work, they’d done CPR on him, and rushed him to the hospital. My initial reaction was mostly disbelief. Zach is only in his thirties, didn’t have any serious health problems anybody knew about, and was a pretty healthy guy. George is back in Virginia and was getting this second hand, so maybe it was just me being optimistic, but I assumed it was some minor thing, probably not a big deal, and he’d be fine. I gave the rest of the guys a heads up that Zach was sick, but let’s cancel to be safe.

Then about fifteen minutes later George told us that Zach was gone.

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