Scientific Analysis Of Lubricants

Andrew follows up on his October 2015 article which caused a bit of a firestorm. I believe this is well worth your time to read.

2 thoughts on “Scientific Analysis Of Lubricants

  1. It’s all great clp.Today there is probably no bad clp. buy the cheapest. Some people use Simply green pro hd the purple color $12.00 a gallon at homedepot to clean and wheel bearing grease $3.00 for 1lb. can to lube that last for years. Others figure the more expensive the better. Oil or grease its your choice. Some say if it rotates oil it. If it slides grease it.

  2. My son and I use Mobil1-0-20 for all firearms-15k through his SIG556,7k through my AR-flawless.Tried Froglube-all I can say is REALLY

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