Ignorance Of The Law

With all due respect, sir. You cannot just order a gun off the internet and have it delivered to your door as you would with a package from Amazon. Oh, how I wish this was true. Allow me to educate you on the process:

  1. place an order for a firearm online
  2. provide your FFL dealer’s address, phone number, and copy of their FFL license to the merchant
  3. firearm is delivered directly to the FFL dealer
  4. FFL dealer logs firearm in to inventory
  5. purchaser meets FFL dealer and fills out 4473 form, just as with any other purchase of a firearm at a gun shop
  6. only after NICS check approval does purchaser take possession of the firearm ordered online.

2 thoughts on “Ignorance Of The Law

  1. Then choose not to use it during a self defense fist fight and lose it anyway.

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