Armaspec Introduces the XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock

Armaspec, manufacturer of the Rhino R23 Magwell Funnel, AST90 assisted safety selector and TCB extended mag release, is pleased to announce the new Armaspec XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock.

Armaspec XPDW

Armaspec XPDW

The Armaspec XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock is a completely new take on the PDW stock. Unlike other PDW stocks that require modified BCGs, short buffer tubes with custom buffer springs and buffers, etc. the XPDW stock mounts directly to your standard AR-15 collapsible stock mil-spec buffer tube. This design allows the end user to easily install the XPDW stock with no modification to the AR with the exception of simply removing the standard AR-15 stock.

The Armaspec XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock also completely breaks the mold when it comes to the affordability by coming in at an unbeatable MSRP of just $179. XPDW units are currently in production and on display at SHOT Show 2016 booth number 3348. Stop by and check out our newest creation. We are accepting orders now.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Armaspec at

About Armaspec: Armaspec is a U.S. based manufacturer of firearm accessories, primarily for the AR platform. We focus on producing quality, innovative products that offer a tactical advantage, at a good price, all made in the U.S. Our product line includes magwell grips, charging handles, slings, tactical buttons, backup sights, and other AR accessories.

2 thoughts on “Armaspec Introduces the XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock

  1. So, it’s a “pdw” stock that doesn’t make the firearm any shorter and still eliminates a proper cheek weld? Why not use a standard carbine stock and save $150? I’ll admit to being a gadget loving nerd, but even I can’t find an upshot.

  2. If you shoot NTCH (Nose to charging handle) there is no problem getting a good cheek weld with ANY of this crop of “PDW” stocks, this, Troy, CSS etc etc.

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