The Endgame

A professor from George Washington University has let slip that gun control is not the end goal — complete disarmament is the end goal.

Advocates of gun control frequently cite the much lower levels of gun violence in other developed nations — such as Canada and the UK — in support of the measures they promote. However, these very low levels of gun violence have not been achieved by gun control but — by domestic disarmament.


One may say that the Supreme Court, after 250 years in which the Second Amendment was read as allowing only a well-regulated militia to have guns, recently reinterpreted it to mean that there is an individualized right to own guns. This suggests that we may have to get to domestic disarmament through the back door.

Make the gun manufacturers liable for harm done with their products. Ban the sale of ammunition. And vote for a president that will add to the Supreme Court those who will read the Second Amendment as written.

I won’t even get in to the part where the entire point of the Second Amendment as written by the founders is completely misrepresented here. In 1776, the general populace was the militia.

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One thought on “The Endgame

  1. We should all understand this is the ultimate goal of progressives. They are absolutely psychotic about universal healthcare, and look what a fucking disaster that turned out to be.
    Having said that, I’m greatly heartened by the rigorous growth & vitality of America’s new gun culture. It truly is a phenomenon, and the douche-bag democrats know it. They may succeed in banning some magazines and specific firearms, but I seriously doubt their ability to achieve “disarmament”.

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