Stag Arms Manufacturer’s License Revoked

Bob Owens at Bearing Arms notes that: Stag Arms, the Connecticut-based AR-15 manufacturer, has lost it’s federal firearms license as a result of not properly keeping track of serialized lower receivers.

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Press release from Stag Arms:
Stag Arms, LLC today announced that the company and its founder, Mark Malkowski, have reached a resolution with government officials stemming from an investigation that began last year relating primarily to the timing of recordkeeping during the manufacturing process and compliance with federal firearms manufacturing and registration requirements. Both Stag Arms and Mr. Malkowski cooperated fully with the government throughout the investigation. While both Stag Arms and Mr. Malkowski believe that public safety was never compromised, they have agreed to enter guilty pleas and to pay significant fines, because doing so is in the best interests of the company and its employees. Mr. Malkowski has also agreed to transition the business to new ownership and is in advanced talks with a potential buyer. Mr. Malkowski will continue as a marketing consultant to the business and the industry for a period of time following the sale. Stag Arms takes its obligations to comply with all laws and regulations very seriously and has made comprehensive changes to ensure that similar problems cannot happen again and that best compliance practices are maintained in all of its operations.

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  2. Thank you for keeping the teeming masses safe, by putting an American manufacturer out of business over paperwork.
    Even though it is a law, it really is stupid.

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