National Gun Buyback Bill Introduced

So many things wrong here…
a) You can’t buy back something that was never yours to begin with.
b) The bill would require folks to turn in guns.
c) Where would all this money to pay people for guns come from? Oh yes, their own tax dollars at work.
d) What is to stop someone from turning in a gun, depositing the funds in the bank and then buying another gun? Nothing.

This week, U.S. Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-NJ) introduced national gun buybacks with a program called the Safe Neighborhoods Gun Buyback Act.

Payne’s legislation has 22 Democrat co-sponsors and requests $360 million in gun buybacks funding.

According to The Hill, Payne’s bill would require gun owners to “turn over their firearms to state and local governments as well as certain gun dealers,” who would then turn the weapons over to the Department of Justice for destruction. The DOJ would “pay gun owners a premium of 25 percent more than the market value of their firearms.”

Gun owners who turned over their weapons would receive a debit card that could be used for anything other than “more guns and ammunition.”

Australian-style gun confiscation was based on mandatory buybacks that resulted in the destruction of all weapons collected. On October 16, Hillary Clinton told an audience at Keene State College that such a plan was “worth looking at” for gun policy in the US.


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  1. Also from New Jersey – Christie and NJSP use No Fly List for past 2 Years . Confirmed by CT Daily Mirror . Com / 12/11/15 – politics – no fly. list ….
    NJ Bill # A – 3687 signed 8/8/13 …. no due process .

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