Lies On The December 2nd Terrorist Attack

From the White House spokesman: “One thing we do know is that the four firearms they were wielding were in fact legally purchased under the laws that are in place now. That’s a fact.”

Matt over at Full30 destroys that statement:
Fact is, any and all firearm transfers in the State of California are required to be processed through a gun dealer, including a NICS background check and 10 day waiting period, and this includes transfers from private party to private party. When those transfers are completed, the record of the firearm transfer is maintained on file. Since the two rifles wielded by the suspects were “purchased by a third party” and not either of the suspects, that in fact means that they acquired those rifles illegally.

Also, in order for those rifles to be legal in CA, they would have had bullet buttons installed. Now, I don’t know if they did, but I’m willing to bet they did not.

Finally, the “high capacity” magazines they used are banned in CA, and those rifles they used,if they had bullet buttons, it is yet another crime to insert a “high capacity” magazine in a bullet button equipped rifle.

See the rest of Matt’s article, complete with video of the spokesman’s statement:

Have no doubt, our Second Amendment rights are under attack, and those wishing to attack them will stop at nothing (not even facts) to deprive you of your rights.

3 thoughts on “Lies On The December 2nd Terrorist Attack

  1. But because the news says it….a mass number of people will believe it…they wont care to look up the whole story

  2. I remain quite confident those firearms were designed specifically, and exclusively for shooting baby hitler. Any other use is highly illegal.

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