3 thoughts on “The Hunt Is On

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  2. I just got my Senior Lifetime Hunting and Fishing license here in South Carolina.
    Never have been big on hunting, but it was only $9, so what the heck.
    Shot rabbit and groundhog as a teen many years ago back in Ohio. Had to keep them from tearing up the garden.
    But now I can legally shoot the vermin and varmints like coyotes and feral hogs (Mmmmm, BACON! Maybe?)
    May go fishing off the pier in Myrtle Beach sometime.
    I will most likely buy another shotgun for Turkey in the Spring. Sold my other one, 12Gauge is a bit much for my shoulder, maybe 20 or 410 next time.
    Big Game? I don’t know. License covers them. I have 2 30 caliber rifles, 300BLK and a Mosin Nagant. A 30-06 maybe sometime?

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