3 thoughts on “Life Saving Advice for Hunters & Shooters

  1. Before seating bullets, be sure you actually dropped powder in the case. jus sayin

  2. Good video. Duke is probably right, considering the squib never passed the throat it seems unlikely there was any powder whatsoever, just the primer’s pressure. But you can also get squibs in light loads from the powder falling low in the case underneath the path of the primer ignition. This would definitely get farther down the barrel where the next round -would- successfully load into the chamber, so it makes an even more dangerous condition for having your own shiny kaboom. For handloads you can ‘fix’ this by topping the charge with a little wad of dacron fiber to hold the powder in place against the primer. A better choice though might be to pick a different powder that needs more grains in the first place. And for premade stuff, maybe don’t get subsonics from the lowest bidder..

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