If you are thinking about starting a hobby, there are certainly many to choose from. While stamps, baseball cards and comic books are popular choices for things to collect as a hobby, there are other choices available. One option that might have never crossed your mind is starting a gun collection. If you have ever been to a firing range, you know how exciting shooting a gun can be, especially when you have some friends with you to compete against. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why collecting guns is a good hobby.

1. Guns go up in value

Along with collecting guns for the fun of it, you can also look at every gun purchase you make as an investment. Like stamps, comic books and baseball cards, most guns will increase in value over time. The amount that a gun goes up in value will be based on the demand for that particular gun and how many are known to exist. The condition of the gun will also be a major factor. Obviously, a person will not be willing to pay as much for a gun that is rusted out compared to the same model that is in mint condition. You can hold onto your guns for a few years and then sell them to make a tidy profit. GrabAGun is a great place to go to start your gun collection. They have an outstanding inventory. Go to to take a look at everything they have in stock.

2. Guns are works of art

While shooting guns is a lot of fun, some guns are nice to simply look at and admire for the superb craftsmanship that went into making them. There are many guns that are very old and considered showpieces. This simply means that they are not meant to be fired because they are too fragile. These showpieces usually have very intricate carvings and are over 100 years old in many cases. They are usually put into a special case and displayed.

3. Guns are a part of history

Guns have been around for a long time. Collecting guns can teach you a lot about history and the advances in gun technology over the years. You would be surprised how different guns were 250 years ago. You can learn how guns are made, how they work and the technology that goes into making modern firearms.

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  2. Weapons, the only thing I have found that I constant pleasure working with. It is also the ONLY thing I have never lost money on. The author is right on, correct. IMO

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