Barrel Length and Accuracy

When trying to build an accurate firearm there are several things that play. Two of the most important characteristics of an accurate build is the barrel length and the twist rate. The barrel is the heart and soul of the firearm, without a good barrel it is nearly impossible to build an accurate firearm. The barrel length directly correlates with the speed of the bullet once it leaves the chamber, for example; a 55 gr. FMJ bullet will have a greater velocity coming out of a 20 in. barrel than out of a 16 in. barrel. One of the biggest factors of accuracy is the twist rate. The twist rate is a ratio of how many complete revolutions the riffling makes in a certain length. For example a 1:7 twist spins the bullet faster than a 1:9 twist. Choosing a twist rate depends on the operator’s needs and or preferences. The 1:9 twist is perfect for “plinking” and shooting lighter weight bullets while the 1:7 twist is meant for heavier bullets such as 62-77 grains. For the best accuracy and reliability of your firearm please follow the guide below.



5 thoughts on “Barrel Length and Accuracy

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  2. Are you sure those numbers are length? 87Cm would be a 34″ barrel.
    I think those are bullet weights vs. twist rate.
    I have a 16″ 1:7 twist 5.56 barrel and my most accurate bullet is the 80gr. A-MAX.

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