The University Of Texas Doesn’t Want To Follow The Law

I love Mr. Fletcher’s statement here (in bold).

People with concealed handgun licenses will soon be able to bring their weapons into college classrooms in Texas. But a group of professors hope to make UT Austin as gun-free as possible.

In a conference room at Garrison Hall, the steering committee of Gun-Free UT brainstorm how to keep guns out of their classrooms.

“I have to say most of us didn’t think this law would pass because it seems very wrong to us,” said Joan Neuberger from the History Department at UT.

Schools in Texas have until next year to determine where CHL holders can carry. These UT employees want those rules to be as strict as possible

“People need to be able to disagree, dissent, present controversial opinions in a classroom, without fear of a weapon without any reason of being there,” said Ellen Spiro, from the Radio-Television-Film Department.

From advertising to Slavic and Eurasian studies, more than 130 faculty members say they don’t want guns in their classrooms.

Earlier this year, campus carry squeaked by a midnight deadline by allowing schools to make their own rules as to where guns can go.

The bill’s House sponsor, Rep. Allen Fletcher, R-Cypress, responded to KXAN by phone saying, “They can have their petition. I have mine. It’s the Texas Legislature.” He went on to say that the law is the law. He reminds Gun-Free UT that the reason why “campus carry” passed was because it gave university leaders the leeway to implement the law in the safest way they deem possible.

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3 thoughts on “The University Of Texas Doesn’t Want To Follow The Law

  1. I have been in classrooms where I could completely understand teachers not wanting their students to be armed. Usually it was because they knew their students were wondering about the system that allowed that idiot to be up there in front spouting liberal drivel that would make any person with two brain cells want to make them leave.

  2. “These UT employees want those rules to be as strict as possible” – I suspect that is a true statement, however, I would wager to bet that many (most) of these professors already carry in their classrooms. These people are always about the rules only apply to everyone else.

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