3 thoughts on “Five Stupid Gun Tropes

  1. “A bullet travels at 2500 feet per second ….:”

    Um .. excuse me?

    I shoot a 125 grain hollow-point bullet out of an STI Open-class pistol (with a compensator) at 1471 FPS. That’s considered pretty darn fast for a pistol.

    I like the comics and all, and yes I do realize that they are Comics. But perhaps if y’all folks are going to use comics t o make your point (and they are ALL very good points, which people need to know) … don’t you think maybe the folks drawing the comics should actually know what they’re talking about?

    People who need to know this stuff probably don’t catch this stuff. But people who LEARN, might be a little less inclined to take the lessons as gospel.

    Just saying. Never mind. Nothing to see here, move along.

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