Cuomo: Those Against Gun Control “Delusional”

Call me delusional then. The thing is, gun control is never about a gun — it is always about control.

A personal tragedy and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gun-control policies collided Monday as the governor expressed outrage over the shooting of one of his former aides in the early morning hours before the West Indian American Day Carnival parade.

Cuomo spoke with reporters before the parade Monday about how helpless he feels in the wake of the tragedy, which gravely injured attorney Carey Gabay, 43, and how anyone who doesn’t believe federal gun control laws are needed is “delusional.”

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One thought on “Cuomo: Those Against Gun Control “Delusional”

  1. By his own most recent experience, even the rich and powerful who create ‘gun control’ laws, maintain delusional faith in their efficacy despite personal evidence to the contrary.

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