I still don’t know what this woman is supposed to be famous for. It’s not for researching topics before commenting on them, that is blatantly obvious.

Hat tip to Colion Noir

5 thoughts on “OMG LOL WTF

  1. I wish we could order guns online legally without the checks. She is wrong on this post, unless the person is purchasing the firearm illegally or from a private seller within the same state the the buyer resides. (I guess the rules may vary on that from state to state.

  2. Why is anyone even listening to these vapid, spoiled, useless women who are only famous through looks and trashy, infantile behavior?

    Seriously: Damns given = < 0.

  3. I thought she was famous for being an ignorant whore on tv? this is typical liberal, they seem to believe anything that they say.

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