Must-Have Gear for Your Next Hunting Trip



Hunting trips are a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Explore nature, enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and then relax with a cookout afterwards; hunting for food and pleasure is a win on all fronts. But before you leave on your big trip you need to pack the right equipment. Here are some things to consider before you hit the road.

The Best Hunting Rifles

When you’re at work you want the right tools for the job and hunting is no different. There are many great rifles on the market, but why settle for less than the best.

Big Game: For hunting big game you can’t do much better than the Nosler M48 TGR 2010. While this hunting rifle isn’t cheap, it’s $1,745, this rifle can sit in your collection as your rifle-of-all-rifles, and with a hand-lapped custom barrel, a Timney trigger, and a Bell and Carlson stock, this price tag is easily justified.

Artisan Made: The 1898 Mauser is a legendary rifle at a reasonable price. Each Mauser 98 is made with painstaking meticulousness, and unlike other traditional bolt action rifles, is difficult to manufacture. These Serbia-produced guns, by Zastava, are milled, drilled, grinded, and hand fit and polished into a rifle with a reputation of great accuracy and reliability.

Weatherby Mark XXII: Legendary German manufacturer Anschutz produces world renowned accuracy in their rifles. The action and barrel of this rifle are produced by Anschutz, while Weatherby brings the distinctive California look and style to a high velocity magnum rifle. This rifle is a beautiful collaboration of style and performance.

Travel Preparedness

Don’t find yourself unprepared for the mundane parts of your trip, like the drive. Pack a car emergency kit with bandages for minor cuts and burns, antibiotic ointment, a fire extinguisher, tire iron, car jack, and road flares. Before you leave check the tread of your tires. If they are old and worn they could develop small leaks that decrease your fuel efficiency and can quickly become flat tires. Check the thickness of your tires with penny and quarter. If your tread isn’t passing the test, replace your tires before beginning your trek. Michelin’s Latitude Tour tire is an all-purpose tire made with a special tread compound that reduces road friction and maximizes fuel efficiency. Smooth and quiet on paved roads, all purpose tires, can be trusted when the going gets rough.

Prepared for Anything

When you leave the grid, you put yourself in a position to get lost. Pack survival rations, a water filter, and emergency space blanket in case your sleeping bag gets wet. A Garmin GPS device, specifically built for wilderness hikes and survival can help you navigate your position and stay safe while on your trip. The Garmin Oregon 600T enables you to track routes, set waypoints, and navigate even the most wild places in the country. You can also share your position with friends, orchestrate and communicate while on the hunt.