Going on an Extended Hunt? 5 Items to Bring

If you are thinking of taking an extended hunting trip this summer, you better be sure to pack the right gear. Americans spend a tremendous amount of time on hunting trips – 737 million combined days a year, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Whether you are headed out alone, with friends or with the family, it’s important that you have the right gear to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. Here’s a look at some of the best gear for your extended hunting trip.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

If you want to pack light but still want to keep the mosquitoes away, the Helium Bivy by Outdoor Research is a perfect solution. Weighing in at just over a pound, the Helium Bivy is breathable and waterproof, with a fine insect netting in the opening and a clam-shell design that makes it comfortable to rest in. The 70-denier floor insures that you aren’t breaking your back roughing it on the bare ground, as well. The Helium Bivy is a perfect solution for the hunters who want to backpack for an extended period and don’t want to be weighed down with a tent and sleeping bag while in pursuit of game. If you are headed out solo, it’s perhaps the best solution to getting a night’s rest out in the field.

30 Day Duro Lantern

If you are going to be out in the field for a couple weeks, you know important it is to have a source of light that doesn’t run out after a couple of days. The 30 Day Duro Lantern from UST provides 30 days of continuous light while on the “Low” setting and 32 hours of continuous bright, clean, 300 lumen light on the “High” setting. Unbreakable LEDs and a high impact ABS plastic shell guarantee that the light doesn’t need to be replaced for years to come, and it requires only three D batteries to operate. Additionally, the Duro has an “SOS” setting that could be a lifesaver if you run in to trouble. At just over a pound with batteries installed,the 30 Day Duro Lantern is a lightweight solution to making sure you can see where you are going when you need to.

Iridium Satellite Phone

For the hunter who isn’t just headed for the great outdoors but the great unknown as well, being separated from civilization is part of the appeal. However, if disaster strikes and you are a 10 day hike out from help, you’ll need a way to reach the outside world reliably. Roadpost’s satellite phones, including popular models by Iridium, offer prepaid per-minute subscriptions that guarantee you only need to pay for the minutes you actually use. The Inmarset network provides you with reliable coverage from latitude 82 degrees to -82 degrees regardless of longitude. Satellite phones can save the day of you become injured or require assistance, but you can also use them to call back home if you just miss the family too.

Lifesaver Water Filtration System

Carrying water is a lot of work, and spending time on extended hunt makes it highly impractical to carry everything you need to drink with you. The Lifesaver Water Filtration system filters out all waterborne viruses, bacteria, and parasites without the need for chemicals, ultraviolet light or power of any kind. By simply filling the container and pumping it, water from any stream is filtered to become drinkable, saving you the need to carry clean drinking water.

BioLite CampStove

The ultimate backpack stove, the BioLite CampStove creates usable electricity for charging LED lights, mobile phones, and other personal devices while providing you with warmth, light, and a cooking surface. By burning wood, the BioLite can generate two watts of electricity and can boil a liter of water in just four and a half minutes.