Choosing The Right Concealed Carry Weapon

Selecting the concealed carry weapon that is right for you is a very specific task, and may involve some amount of testing on your part to find out what works for you and your situation. Offerings by Glock, Colt, and Smith & Wesson are very popular items for concealed carry for a variety of reasons. There are tons of them in circulation. They’ve been tested as tried and true for quite a number of years. Many police forces rely on firearms from these manufacturers to protect their officer’s lives on a daily basis.

In the end, selecting a concealed carry weapon that is right for you is going to be a personal decision. Our friends at Grab A Gun have provided the following infograpchic to help make the decision process easier.



3 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Concealed Carry Weapon

  1. The demographics at the top are confusing. What is the 56% that aren’t ‘Individuals?’ It’s 27% for men and women? I don’t have any way of reading that to makes sense. And the ‘races’ piece, I assume it’s to be read 43% of blacks, 39% of whites, and 35% of other races own guns. The way it’s organized, it looks like 43% of gun owners are black, 39% of gun owners are white, &c. This can’t be correct, because the numbers exceed 100%.

    It’s really a poster about concealed carry, rather than how to choose the right cc gun. There’s very little information to help one choose a gun. Finally, the round used at the bottom reminds me more of a long gun round than a handgun.

  2. this is a horrible info graphic that seems to be using fake statistics and information. 27% of gun owners are male and 27% of gun owners are female what are the other 46% of the gun owners? by region there is a 147% gun ownership, 150% of gun owners are educated…

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