Prep for Your Child’s First Hunt With These Must-Have Accessories

When it’s time for a kid to go hunting for the first time, it’s just as important that he or she has the right gear as it is for any adult. Taking children hunting is a common outdoor activity shared by families around the country. A Field and Stream survey of children who participate in hunting found that more than 40 percent of kids surveyed hunted more than 30 days out of the year and more than 70 percent reported they were taught to hunt by a parent. Here’s a look at the best accessories you need to prepare for your kid’s first hunting trip:

Safety Gear

It should go without saying that young hunters are inexperienced, and therefore more likely to make the sort of mistakes that you can’t imagine making yourself. That’s why it is doubly important that they are equipped with the right safety gear, including a blaze orange vest and cap. Sportsman’s Warehouse offers an affordable hook-and-loop vest that comes with a blaze hat that will make sure that your new hunter is respecting state regulations. While the orange blaze isn’t legally required in every state, it’s still a good idea to prepare for mistakes. Wearing blaze gear can be the difference between a foolish mistake and a fatal one, so don’t skip it.


Gloves can be an overlooked accessory for young hunters, who may not be as acclimated to the tough weather that hunters often encounter while in the field. It’s important to not skimp on quality and look for something that will protect his or her hands from moisture as well as the cold. Under Armour’s Coldgear camo liner gloves feature a dual-layer fabric that dries fast and wicks moisture away from the body, as well as a silicone palm print that ensures proper grip on a bow or firearm. Don’t settle for clunky winter gloves that sacrifice dexterity on your hunter’s first trip when better options are available.


Don’t settle for sunglasses from the convenience store. Instead, protect your first-time hunter and ensure he or she will be able to adjust to the extended periods outside with glare-diminishing lenses. Many high-end sports sunglasses have removable and interchangeable lenses, so be sure to pick the lenses that are right for the weather conditions you and your young hunter will be encountering. If you are going to be hunting and there is a risk of rain, look for water-resistant lenses so your ward isn’t constantly forced to clean their sunglasses when they should be scouting.


A single multi-tool can stand in for many of the tools your child will need and easily packs into a hunting bag or coat pocket. The Gerber MP400 Compact Sport Multi-Tool is a great option that features scissors, pliers, wire cutters, crimpers, screwdrivers, a can opener, a serrated knife and a bottle opener. With a stainless steel body and locking system, the MP400 is a multi-tool so reliable it may be the only multi-tool your young hunter may ever need to own.