History’s Greatest Shots Revealed

While the movie American Sniper and its depiction of former US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle are getting all the plaudits from film and television awards, we look back through history to see how snipers of times gone by fare against the modern day hero.

Once considered a pariah of battle by friend and foe alike, adopting camouflage to hide from, and then suddenly ambush, enemies – their methods were seen as sly and underhand. Snipers have evolved however, to become the ideal soldier for the modern battlefield, a specialist in 21st century combat. Highly dedicated and specially trained, a marksmans’ task is now seen as indispensable for the safety of their fellow soldiers in the field.

While there have been countless prolific snipers in military history, we take a look back at some of history’s best. The following list expectedly includes those individuals with the longest confirmed distance in which enemies were taken down, the kill count for those caught between the crosshairs of the past’s deadliest marksmen, but also those which offer unique stories and backgrounds.

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