Now Shipping–Again–The PMAG17 GL9

We have now shipped replacement bodies for the entire first run of PMAG17 GL9 magazines to our dealers and distributors. Within the next few days, everyone who purchased PMAG17 GL9 magazines from the initial run should be receiving their replacement bodies, either delivered directly to the purchaser in the case of those who purchased from Brownells, Midway, DSG, Aim Surplus, or other online retailers, or delivered to your local gun store, where you may trade the old bodies for new, in the case of an over-the-counter sale. If anyone who purchased at a brick and mortar store is unable to return to the purchase location, please contact customer service and alternate arrangements will be made.

This also marks the kickoff of full production of the magazine as originally intended, and the corrected PMAG17 GL9 will begin shipping again to dealers and distributors. All magazine bodies with a date code of 5/15 and later are the corrected bodies, and will work flawlessly with G34, G17, G17L, G19, and G26 pistols with none of the ammunition sensitivities exhibited in the first run.

We thank everyone for their patience with this product launch, and we appreciate your continued business.