Carjacking Victim Turns Tables On Carjacker

A man held another man at gunpoint after he tried to rob him by getting into his passenger seat as soon as his doors unlocked after he parked.

The armed citizen, Hashim Fannin, says that the incident happened as soon as he pulled into the parking lot of a Family Dollar store.

The suspect, 61-year-old Edgar Horn, opened the passenger side door and sat down.

“He told me, ‘You know what this,’” Fannin said. Not waiting to see what happens next, that’s when Fannin says he pulled his gun out.

“I asked him to get out the car, probably not in those exact words,” Fannin said.

“I told him no, there’s no leaving, leaving was before you hopped into my car … at this point there is not leaving,” Fannin said.

Fannin kept the suspect on the ground and at gunpoint until police arrived.

Watch the video of the encounter:

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Mr. Fannin, please let me know. I want to get him a The Weapon Blog shirt and thank him for what he’s done.

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  1. Wonder how many other people this guy has done this to and gotten away with it? Good job by the armed intended victim!

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