Top GOP Senator Introduces Bill to Ban ALL Federal Gun Control

The Conservative Tribune has frequently written about individual states passing bills to nullify federal gun control laws.

Now enter GOP Sen. Mike Lee, who aspires to once and for all transcend the state boundaries and implement a nationwide ban on all future federal gun control legislation.

Lee proposes doing so via an amendment that, if passed, would make it so that any future gun-control legislation would need the support of “two-thirds of senators” to become law. The amendment would also ban all future regulations imposed by Obama’s crony Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The senator is not alone in his mission. GOP Senators David Ritter and Inhofe introduced their own amendment that would prohibit the ATF from “attempting to ban bullets that are primarily used by hunters and sportsmen.”

And GOP Senators Lamar Alexander and Steven Daines introduced an amendment that would “protect antique guns that have ivory handles.”

All this comes only weeks after the ATF tried but ultimately failed to ban 5.56 mm M855 rounds, which are used with the extraordinarily popular AR-15 rifle. The ATF basically tried to claim that M855 bullets were “armor piercing,” when in fact they are not.

Furthermore, the folks over at Gun Owners of America expect even more amendments to pop up in the coming few weeks (H/T Breitbart).

Why? Because Americans are growing sick and tired of the nanny-state government trying to infringe on their Second American rights.

But rather than just mull about it in private, Americans are now fighting back by contacting their senators and urging them to launch pro-gun amendments.

If you care about your Second Amendment rights, you should do the same!

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3 thoughts on “Top GOP Senator Introduces Bill to Ban ALL Federal Gun Control

  1. Why just future laws, the 2nd Amendment puts even the old laws on the wrong side of the Constitution. Go for ALL Federal gun laws!!!

  2. It’s much harder to take back our freedoms in one big swipe. They were taken away little pieces at a time and we will have to win them back the same way most of the time. As long as we are persistent on preventing more infringement and increasingly reduce the infringements already on the books we will win.

    Gun control did not happen overnight and we won’t end it overnight either.

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