The Rise Of The Female Hunter

When you think of hunters, you’d be forgiven if the image of burly men wearing beards, camouflage and orange hats comes to mind. For a long time, this has been the commonly accepted portrait of a hunter. Things are changing, however. No longer a pursuit solely dominated by men, hunting is starting to see more and more women take up camo, boots and rifle. In fact, over the past four years most of the new hunters across America have been female. What does this mean for the hunting industry and status quo? Well for one thing, organizations are springing up to cater to the needs of the female hunter. Membership in outdoor groups for women has been increasing rapidly and companies are designing gear specifically for women who hunt. In some stores and catalogs, up to a third of all gear for sale is made specifically for women. These products include things ranging from recoil pads that attach to bra straps to pink trimmed camouflage. Naturally, a variety of clothing is being designed to comfortably fit the female figure so no one is forced to wear bulky men’s items or hand-me-downs. Waterproof boots, outdoor apparel and all the accessories such as hats and gloves are now readily available to the female hunter. What is driving this trend of women hunters? For some, these outings are a chance for family bonding time. For others, it’s an opportunity to pursue their own interests. National, local and international newspapers have all run stories about girls and women who are taking up hunting. To learn more about the rise of female hunters, take a look at the following infographic.

Rise of the Female Hunter

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  1. “Field dressing your own game is not necessary”???? What planet are you on? I love field dressing my own game, and butchering and processing it, too. Like the idea that we use every iota of what I kill, and I know how that meat was treated at every step.

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