No Until The Fat Lady Sings

AMMO BAN – Its not over . . . Or . . .Did the BATFE just pull a fast one on us? YES THEY DID!

Sure . . they backed down on the ammo ban.

But what they didn’t tell us is that the United States Supreme court just ruled that agencies such as the BATFE do not have to submit rule changes to public comment. They can just change the rules when and where they want to!

So yes, BATFE has “shelved” the ammo ban for now.

But they have merely set it back to wait for the public furor to die down and for the attention of Congress to wander elsewhere!

Then, they will make the rule changes without notice.

This includes the reclassification and ban of ammo and even ATF-41P.

Please continue to submit your comments on the ammo ban for the next 4 days.

Please write your Congress Critters and ask them to change the law and require rule making agencies to submit rule changes to public comment.

This is the only way to fix the supreme court’s decision.