5.56 Flying Off Shelves

From Nutro over at AR15.com:

I went to Cabelas after work this afternoon to check the bargain cave but decided to stop by the ammo area for some .308 that is on sale. 

Someone mentioned the Federal American Eagle 5.56 being on sale for around $6.50/box of 20 so I thought “Fuck it, I will pick up 100 rounds” I walked over and there was roughly 55k rounds of that and PMC on sale. I grabbed a case of 500 and walked over to the bargain cave for about 9 minutes. When I came back to see the 308 ammo, everyone was stacking cases in their carts. They said they just went through 55k rounds in 49 minutes.


One thought on “5.56 Flying Off Shelves

  1. Commercial ammo too expensive. And now the prices are being jacked up for no reason. FMJ reloads cost me 22 cents/round with range brass (free) or my brass.

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