SIG Sauer Silencers Shows Off New Line With QD Taper-Lok Mount

SIG Sauer has jumped into the silencer pool with both feet, releasing a full line of cans at this year’s SHOT Show. Everything from a small .22LR version up to a quick-detach .338LM beast. Headed up by Kevin Brittingham, formerly known as the founder and head of AAC, SIG Silencers is bringing a science- and engineering-based approach to the business of designing and manufacturing silencers, having rethought every aspect of the suppression process. One of the more interesting results is the new quick-detach mount system, which the company calls Taper-Lok.

The patent-pending system uses a series of tapers to align and secure both the mounts to the gun and then the silencers to the mounts. Tapers provide a self-centering and very secure interface. SIG factory guns have a new tapered barrel shoulder that tightens inside the mount unit when it is threaded on. This both aligns the mount and eliminates the need for any timing or shims. The Taper-Lok mounts are compatible with traditional square-shouldered barrel muzzles as well.

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