Obama Critic Jeremy Alcede Imprisoned by Federal Government

Anti-Obama Message

Anti-Obama Message

Local businessman and former gun shop owner Jeremy Alcede is in the federal lock-up in downtown Houston according to a close friend who says he was taken into custody at gunpoint on South Mason Road Tuesday. We’re told Alcede is being held on a Contempt of Court charge for allegedly not handing over the Facebook page password of his former business Tactical Firearms. The source says Alcede has changed the name of the page and it takes 14 days for the transfer to take place.

The source says she was with Alcede when federal agents and Fort Bend County Deputies pulled them over, drew their guns and took him into custody. According to the source a federal agent said Alcede was considered “armed and dangerous.”

The Facebook battle is part of the bankruptcy proceeding where Alceede recently lost his business to a minority partner according to our source.

“They’ve taken everything from him and now they arrest him over a Facebook page,” the source said.

Alcede is known for his anti-Obama messages on the marquee of his former businesses sign. His signs gained a great deal of media attention. Now the man who posted anti-Obama messages is in a prison controlled by Obama’s federal justice department.

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Alcede is an Army veteran who fought in Desert Storm. He’s also know for helping numerous veteran’s organizations. He’s a single father of three children.

Source: http://coveringkaty.com/2014/12/16/exclusive-katy-obama-critic-jeremy-alcede-imprisoned-by-federal-government/

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  1. Jeremy Alcede has been reported to Stolen Valor. He is a fraud, he was 15 years old when our brave men and women on the armed forces were involved in Desert Storm. Jeremy is 38 Yeats old -Do the math and wake up. The guy is a liar and a fraud. Report him and get the word out. A real Veteran is in charge over there now, support a real vet not this fake.

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