Mr. Virtual President On Gun Control

8 thoughts on “Mr. Virtual President On Gun Control

  1. Can I get some kind of erudite, gated community, ivory tower, guilt-ridden, rich White liberal counter argument?



  2. I now understand why so many human resources and leadership development professionals are worried by the lack of critical thinking among employees. Obviously, people cannot evaluate the contents of this video and recognize the erroneous analogies and arrangements presented.

  3. Jane – that is Bill Whittle. He has made many excellent videos on many subjects, but usually as himself.

  4. Well, the idea that a man with a handgun for protection is like the antlers of a deer is completely ridiculous. And the so-called ‘data’ that he quotes on how many lives are saved by guns every year is completely fictional. The idea that gun safety laws seem to work in every country in the world where they are implemented, but somehow they would never work here, is utter nonsense.

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