Toys Of Yesteryear

Anyone else remember playing with toys like these as a kid? I’d love to get some of this stuff for my boys. If you know of a place, let me know in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Toys Of Yesteryear

  1. I wish I remembered playing with those toys. My mom was a hopolophobe before it was cool to be a hopolophobe. 🙂

  2. I had most of a hand-me-down Johnny-7 as a kid,,,believe it or not, this stuff can be had on ebay in varying degrees of completeness from artifact to new in box…playable examples (that would look great with a bit of paint and TLC, but which are not of much interest to serious collectors because nicer examples are out there, –can be had at prices comparable to average “modern” toys. And while the toys in this ad are great, there is stuff out there that makes these look absolutely tame. Six shooters and Lever actions that shoot plastic bullets propelled by caps, Several versions of Thompsons, M14’s, bazookas, tripod Brownings, shotguns…Google collectable toy guns…oh…my…
    –Please forgive me–
    –I may have just given you the keys to a whole new area of hobby interest.–
    –sry bt tht–

  3. Realistic gun toys are still out there. My little one’s favorite is a camo-patterned MP5 he taped a ninja sword to as an improvised bayonet. Actually, the Nerf guns are amazingly true-to-life in operation. The magazines load like real mags, the safety throws mimic HKs and FNs, and you sometimes have to clear jams the same way you do it in real rifles. That’s why grown men love playing Nerf battles.

  4. I played with many toys that would fit right in with those and had a Tommy gun with a tip that went in and out when you shot it similar to the one above. Funny thing is that I have never been a violent person despite those experiences.

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