No Gun Registration/No Universal “Background Checks”

For those of you in Oregon, this is of special importance for you.

Anti-gun extremists brag about how many people are denied gun purchases under the current system but never talk about how many of those people are denied with no justification because of an inept bureaucracy. The State Police’s own figures show that almost all “denials” are unjustified.

Forcing me to run a background check on a friend or loved one before I give them a firearm will do nothing to prevent felons from obtaining weapons. It is clear that the entire purpose of this kind of bill is to harass the law abiding. The Governor has now ordered that Oregon State Troopers leave patrol to “investigate” every “denial” even when there is no known cause for a person being denied his rights. To expand this outrageous misuse of scarce police resources to a firearm I am lending to a friend or giving to a family member makes no sense.

When felons are denied firearms they are NOT held accountable, so nothing in this kind of legislation has any impact on them at all.

Why should I have to run a background check on a friend I have known for 25 years? Why can’t I lend a gun to a single woman who is being stalked or threatened? Why can’t I safeguard a firearm for a neighbor who is going out of town?

You are well aware that in other places these kinds of laws have led to confiscation. In New York, their gun registration lists are being used by police to harass the family of gun owners who have died. I will not let that happen in Oregon.

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3 thoughts on “No Gun Registration/No Universal “Background Checks”

  1. We need to get out ahead of these “universal background check” referendums and demand NICS be opened up to private individuals so we can perform background checks freely and conveniently. It’d be interesting to see their excuses for not allowing that.

  2. I suspect that if we were being honest, NICS and any background check does no good and has never stopped a criminal from obtaining a weapon. These BC operations can not be shown to be effective and therefore should be stopped.

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