Improving Your AR-15 Marksmanship Skills

Most shooters are gearheads. That’s not a bad thing. I’m one too. The ultimate goal of

raising all that gear, though, is being able to hit the chosen target. Increasing your firing skill with your AR-15 is a big factor in your enjoyment of it, and as your skills improve, your ability to judge the effectiveness of your gear improves as well.

Many years ago for the President’s Match at Camp Perry, I was squadded with a captain from the USMC Rifle Team. Turned out we had similar upbringings and early experiences with shooting. The essence of that conversation went like this: “When I was a kid I could hit anything with my .22 rifle, it was just experience and feel. I could shoot bees out of the air, hit jackrabbits at 200 yards. I never changed my sights, just my aim. It wasn’t until I got on the Rifle Team and learned just how complicated shooting is, and then I realized all that must have been impossible.” No doubt.

As a science, making an accurate shot, especially at distance, brings a lot of knowledge into play, a lot of science and math. But the most basic elements of shooting, the true fundamentals, are these: put the sights on the target, and then pull the trigger without moving the sights.

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