Final Salute

World War II veteran Justus Belfield, 98, spent his last full day on earth in his World War II army uniform, lying in bed at a rehabilitation center in Scotia with his wife Lillian in her own bed next to him. The center staff snapped the image below of his salute on Tuesday. Mr. Belfield passed away early Wednesday morning.

Justus Belfield

Justus Belfield

2 thoughts on “Final Salute

  1. WWII era is sometimes described as the “brown Army” days. Green uniforms as he is wearing came much later. More appropriate to the VietNam era. I am sure no one did it with malice, probably more of what could be had quickly.

  2. As a U.S NAVY Veteran of the mid 60’s era, I am always Honored by my previous veterans and their Great Service to Our AMERICA, Keeping all our freedoms alive for generations to come!! GOD BLESS and may Flights of Angels carry You to your rest!!! I return your salute!!!

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