Tools for the High-Tech Hunter



Hunting can be dangerous, especially if you are days or weeks into a hunt and so far off the beaten trail that you can barely find yourself, much less anyone else. For those epic hunts or even for just a weekend trip, make sure you take full advantage of all the technology available to make your hunt successful, fun and safe.

Tenzing TC SP14 Shooters Pack

This durable all-purpose pack is great for anyone who has ever had to lug around a scoped rifle and ended up missing the shot because they couldn’t get ready fast enough. Designed to be a carrier as well as a shooting stand, it has multiple pockets, padded hip panels and a built in rain cover to help you in every scenario.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st

This handheld GPS system is great for those hunts under heavy cover where maps don’t offer much help. It is lightweight and has a 2.6-inch, sunlight-readable color screen. And, it has a quad helix antenna that can lock onto multiple satellites in seconds.

Camelbak All Clear Bottle

There is a wide variety of backpack water delivery systems, but Camelbak beats them all. It is a durable water purification system with built-in UV technology so you can make potable drinking water in just 60 seconds. Whether you need immediate hydration or are filling up your water container for later use, this gadget is sure to be useful.

Roadpost Satphone

While good training and preparation can help you through nearly every situation, sometimes the unexpected comes up. For those instances when you are off the grid and need to get ahold of someone, having a durable, water resistant and reliable satellite phone can mean the difference between life and death. Roadpost also offers a great selection of location awareness and 2-way messaging devices for those times when you are hunting with a partner and want to check in on them.

Eton Raptor

This handy little water-resistant device is like the Swiss Army Knife of technology. It has a solar charging capability for any USB device as well as an altimeter, barometer, compass, flashlight and bottle opener for the post-hunt celebration. Don’t forget about the built in NOAA weather band digital radio and alarm clock. Designed with a durable carabiner clip, it attaches easily to any backpack or belt for easy access.

Seek Thermal

Everyone can use a little help seeing things now and then, especially in the dark. The Seek Thermal turns your device into a thermal camera capable of seeing changes in ambient temperature up to 1,000 feet away. It attaches easily to a wide variety of smartphones and tablets, although some phones require the optional adapter.

Jetboil Cooking System

Anybody who has ever been on a hunt in the winter months knows the value of a good cup of hot water. Whether you are making some coffee to wake up in the morning or cooking a gourmet, freeze-dried meal, this flash cooking system is a great addition to your hunting gear. It is able to boil up to two cups of water in just over two minutes. This cooking device comes with a tripod for stability, a cup that latches on to avoid accidental spills and a reliable push button starter.

Don’t be afraid to use all of the amazing devices out there. They can make your hunting trips both fun and successful.