Make the Most of your Protection Firearm



Although the political debates surrounding the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution are long-running and heated, millions of Americans exercise their right to bear arms solely for the use of protection and defense of their families and homes. Maybe you’re an experienced hunter and are comfortable with firearms, but never considered owning one until now. With so many options, which is the best for protection? Does it even matter?

Most Popular Options

• Rifle: While these guns offer great stopping power, they aren’t always very effective in a home defense situation. They are difficult to aim and maneuver in close quarters and take time to reload. If you happen to live in more rural areas however, they would be an ideal choice to help fend off any pesky critters that happen to come your way. Something like the .30-30 Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle offers good stability and has a full clip with lever action for rapid firing if necessary.

• Shotgun: This weapon type offers incredible stopping power, especially at shorter ranges but has some drawbacks as well. If not used correctly it can leave you dazed, disoriented, and possibly even injured. The Mossberg HS410 is specially designed for home security (identified by the HS prefix) with a 6 shot capacity and good stopping power without excessive kickback or difficulty to use.

• Handgun: Usually the most common choice for home security, the right handgun combines good stopping power with maneuverability. Lightweight and easy to store, these guns allow for quick response in times of emergencies and are easy to learn to use correctly and safely. The Glock 21 is a popular choice with its reliability and simplicity and is used by both private citizens and police officials all over the world.

Whatever style and type of gun you choose for protection make sure you do your own research and testing to find the right gun for you and your family.

Safety and Care

While guns are effective for the safety and protection of you and your family at home, there is a reason they are so hotly debated. Knowledge of how to use a gun properly and how to maintain your gun after you purchase it should be your highest priority when looking to buy a weapon for home protection.

Police and security professionals make it look easy and hunters have been using them ever since their invention, but knowing how to use a gun correctly should always be first priority. Everyone has heard stories of accidental injuries and deaths caused by a lack of knowledge regarding proper handling or care of a firearm. Courses on gun safety and proper handling are offered in every state and can help you study and understanding. Make sure that everyone who might ever come in contact with your gun takes a safety course, especially children. Educating everyone early and often is the best way to avoid accidents.

Second to proper use should be cleaning and maintenance. While durable and built to last, guns need regular cleaning and upkeep to ensure they work properly and don’t jam or malfunction when you are depending on them the most. The NRA offers instructions as well as equipment and material to help you keep your gun clean and in top working order.

Your most valuable tool is your mind. Do your research and pick the best gun for you when looking for something to help you protect and defend the people and things that mean the most to you. And make sure you take the time and effort ensure that if you should ever need it, your gun will be there to help.

This guest post was written by Paige Calahan.