Connecticut Bureaucrats Cite Newtown Shooting To Demand Tighter Control On Homeschoolers

I don’t really follow the logic on this one…

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, convened by Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-WFP), says it is recommending tighter control of homeschooling families in the state to prevent another Newtown shooting.

According to the Connecticut Post, the commission states, “[T]ighter scrutiny of homeschoolers may be needed to prevent an incident such as the December 2012 slaughter of 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.”

The Post reports that the murders were carried out by Adam Lanza, “a disturbed 20-year-old who had been homeschooled by his mother, Nancy Lanza, whom he also shot to death on the morning of his murder spree.”

Despite the commission’s sense that the Newtown shooting translates into a need to have greater control over homeschoolers who might have behavioral issues, CT News Junkie reports that Dr. Susan Schmeiser, a professor of mental health law at the University of Connecticut Law School, stressed that a diagnosis of mental illness alone makes a “very weak predictor” of violence.

In fact, Lanza, according to a variety of reports, experienced most of his education in public schools.

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4 thoughts on “Connecticut Bureaucrats Cite Newtown Shooting To Demand Tighter Control On Homeschoolers

  1. Newton School shootings never happened, it was a school drill used for pushing the anti-gun agenda and many have fallen for it, to include me until I opened my eyes to the truth about our most corrupted government ever exist in the US.

  2. Jose, I think you forgot to take your meds. Dou really believe that Newton was a hoax?

    Let me guess, you also think that 9/11 was orchestrated by our government, and we never really went to the moon.

  3. There is that pesky word, “CONTROL” again. Malloy and his ilk are statists that think they are SO much smarter than you. Parents homeschool their kids to get away from state-run mind control “common core” foolishness.

    Folks better start paying attention as this jerk has presidential aspirations.

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