Tell Me About AK Pistols

I’ve been thinking of an AK pistol with an arm brace… only trouble is, I’ve never shot or handled one. Nobody I know owns one, so I don’t have an easy way to get some time with one.

I’d like to know thoughts (either positive or negative) on them. All that I ask is that you are more verbose than ‘it sucks’ or ‘I like it’ so that I can get a sense of how they are.


2 thoughts on “Tell Me About AK Pistols

  1. I’m interested, too, so I’m commenting. What most commenters say is ‘pointless/won’t get the velocity, just a huge fireball/blah blah blah.” But there are a few good things about AK pistols: 1. uses AK mags; 2. can carry it loaded in a car if you live in a state that restricts concealed weapons to “handguns,” making it a pretty kickass get-home gun; 3. cheaper than an AK rifle.

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