Took the day off

Took some time off from the blog today to dig a grave for a buddy.

Cholo had an 11 year run. His end came swiftly and unexpectedly last night. His jaw and throat swelled up quite severely and caused some labored breathing. I assumed a snakebite at first, but it was different than previous encounters with snakes. I loaded him into the truck to go to the emergency after hours vet as his regular was closed for the day. It became more and more of a struggle for him to breathe on the 25 minute drive over. Approximately 60 – 90 seconds before arrival, he became very quiet. When I opened the truck door to take him in to the vet’s office, he was no longer breathing and already dead. There was nothing they could do.

Apparently he has had a mass near his throat for a while that ruptured last night. The rupture caused extensive swelling around his trachea, cutting off his air supply. At least he went peacefully and had me with him as he exited the earth.


4 thoughts on “Took the day off

  1. Ugh… don’t visit often, but deepest sympathies. Cholo looks to have been pretty happy & content with his surroundings in that pic. 11 years of a great life I imagine, due in large part to you. Always thought the last good thing we could do for ’em is to be there with them when they go. The light that burns twice as bright…
    All the best.

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