Get Yourself Some Firearms

Proposed cuts in the local Miami-Dade County budget that could lead to the firing of hundreds of law enforcement officers have led one police association spokesman to issue a stark warning to local citizens: Better buy some guns.

John Rivera, the president of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, bluntly told residents to “get yourself some firearms” after Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced his budget proposal for the upcoming year, a local Fox affiliate reported.

The proposal would lead to nearly 650 government job cuts in order to bridge a $64 million shortfall, and the mayor said police might feel the biggest pinch if its labor union doesn’t make concessions.

“If the mayor’s not going to provide security, then my recommendation, as an experienced law enforcement officer for nearly 40 years, is either buy yourself an attack dog, put bars on your windows and get yourself some firearms because you’re going to had to protect yourselves. We won’t be able to,” Mr. Rivera said.

Specialized police units that focus on robberies and child abuse could lose positions, the affiliate reported.


2 thoughts on “Get Yourself Some Firearms

  1. A few things could be happening here with the Miami Dade Police Dept. and the towns mayor. There truly could be some financial budget problems because of the many cutbacks of Obama trying to finance his own useless and overly expensive toy programs. Similar to other cities and states fighting to stay afloat they are looking into union contracts with city/state employees and what adjustments can be made with them to get concessions from union members or their jobs and retirement benefits are in jeopardy now and in the future!! You could discuss this topic until the cows come home on both sides of the topic. The main problem is, why would you go after the people you really need to ensure the safety of the public when today the degrading of societal norms by people who do not care and are willing to harm or kill you and your family for a few dollars or car!! When you see local and state governments vote for ” GUN FREE ZONES, or restricting purchases of guns by legal citizens or like Chicago where you can not own one, adding the reduction of your police depts. staff plays right into the criminals hands!! Now the criminals feel easier about entering your home because you don’t have any weapons for protection, they now have less police to deal with!! Somebody needs to get their heads screwed on right and shake off the cobwebs from the brain!! Think before your actions cause someone to be injured or murdered!!

  2. I’m not a “cop-basher”, but part of the point needs to be that the police (bumperstckers” notwithstanding), rarely ever directly ‘protect’ anyone from crime. They’ll do a bang-up crime scene investigation, build a case & arrest a perp, but none of that precludes you from being buglarized / traumatized / raped / attacked / brutalized / murdered. Whe it comes to “defense”, you’re on your own.

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