One thought on “A-10 Warthog Demonstration

  1. For many years I lived in New Jersey and the area was known as the PINE BARRENS !! Down deep in this area was a gun range and bombing range for all types of McGuire Air Force Base!! These pilots always flew over my area when they were on their way to practice maneuvers as you saw but everything was real back then!! One time there was an incident where an F16 pilot over flew his gun run and let go a burst of cannon fire. The only problem was when he over shot his run he failed to cancel the actual live fire. Needless to say and it was a miracle but when he fired off his guns they hit a local elementary school a few miles outside the gun range area and it was at a time when all the children and teachers had left for the day!! You see the damage a shot from your hunting rifle does but can you imagine the impact holes and residual damages to all the areas of the school after penetration by these large shells?? It was hushed up quickly but the pilot and range command people took a major hit of their own!! How I know all of this is true and happened, My daughters father-in-law was working as the custodian that night and never got a scratch on him!! Accidents happen on the ground and in the air if you loose concentration of what you are doing!! Owning a weapon and using it properly is of such great importance each time you pick up a weapon whether looking at it or in actual use!! Please, all gun owners, act responsibility continually, it could mean the life of an innocent party or yourself!! GOD BLESS, Support Our National Rifle Association and always fight for all our rights before we wake up one day and people like ( obama ) take them away !!! Once we loose them they are almost impossible to get back!!

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