Lehigh Defense Contest Update

The winner of the Lehigh Defense NRA Show giveaway (http://www.weapon-blog.com/2014/04/lehigh-defense-nra-show-giveaway/) got back to me. Sounds like he is not only pleased with the prize, but very impressed as well!

Hi Mr. Spuler:

Here is a pic of me at my local gun range and store called PRO SHOTS of Rural Hall, N.C. where I live. As I mentioned in my previous e-mail about PRO SHOTS, they were only too happy to have me share these great LEHIGH DEFENSE products to not only shoot but to review that maybe in the future they just might develop a business relationship with them to sell their products at their gun range/store!! PRO SHOTS is a full service store and gun range where anyone may shoot, be trained in use and handling of a weapon but also repairs and upgrades of any weapon a customer may have!! They are a fully licensed FFL dealer, Certified in training for your CCL and in training for self protection courses for men and women alike!!