Houston Handgun Instructor Offers Free For Educators

In Houston, a handgun licensing instructor is offering free classes for educators.

Chuck Persinger has won a number of awards for his shooting skills. For the second year in a row, he’s offering all teachers and school employees the chance to take his class for free and many are taking him up on his offer.

School districts in the area currently don’t allow teachers to be armed on school campuses, but that’s something Persinger thinks could change in the future.

“We’ll take up to 50 students and they have to be someone who is already proficient with a handgun,” Persinger said. “In Union Grove, Texas they have now approved their school district and school to carry firearms so someday it may be here so we’re gonna offer CHLs.”

The class is a rigorous five hour course with instructions on how to shoot and conceal a weapon, as well as how to avoid accidentally shooting someone.

Source: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/story/25890157/houston-handgun-instructor-offers-free-for-educators