Fire Cat Self Defense Keychain

The Fire Cat Keychain is a simple cat like keychain that can help women protect themselves all the time.

The product was created because the inventor’s wife sometimes has to grocery shop at night by herself and he felt very uncomfortable since he has to work at night. She isn’t comfortable carrying her gun on her at all times so he knew she needed another way she could quickly protect herself. That’s when he came up with the Fire Cat Self Defense Keychain.

As you can see from the above video the fire cat self defense keychain is super easy to use and is stylish as well. Every woman — young or old — can use it.

2 thoughts on “Fire Cat Self Defense Keychain

  1. I believe this would likely be viewed as illegal in Nevada as are “brass knuckles” or as a “dirk /dagger”.
    I would urge people to check their local laws be fore possessing one of these.

  2. It’s a great thing that product was made given to the lady. But the best way to be alert and react in bad situations is to learn self-defense techniques. Martial Arts helps people to be fit and cautious about the surroundings. Women should learn martial arts.

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