Bullet Proof Vests Don’t Always Work

Anderson County Deputy Coroner Don McCown said Blake Randall Wardell was hanging around with some other people in a garage at that location when he put on a bullet proof vest they had found.

Wardell asked the others in the garage to shoot him, and the shot from a small caliber weapon went above the Kevlar of the vest and into his heart, killing him, according to McCown.

The coroner’s office has ruled the shooting a homicide.

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I would have put a watermelon inside the vest to test it out rather than wearing it. You can always get another watermelon in the event that the vest fails, but you only get one life. A sad tragedy that could have been avoided.

One thought on “Bullet Proof Vests Don’t Always Work

  1. First thing, is this action an actual murder or just a case to TOTAL STUPIDITY, on the part of these two individuals or whatever number of other fools who were present?? In this new world of the young and stupid you see them trying all kinds of stunts either mildly dangerous or out and out deadly to a sane human being!! Only time, will inform us as to which event took control of this mindless stunt!! There is bad thinking and stinking thinking and this one was definitely the later!!! I can only hope and PRAY that common sense will eventually return to our young??

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