5 Top Weapons That Make Sense To Own

Firearms owners fall across a wide spectrum of individuals, from dedicated sportsmen and women, to those interested primarily in self-defense. Particular guns lend themselves to each task called-out by their owners, so covering your needs in the most efficient manner includes a look at several types of firearms. While you may not be in the market for one of each, the following categories represent some of the most common firearms solutions sought by gun buyers.

Varmint Guns – Rifles used to control rats and other varmints have really stepped into the spotlight in recent years, furnishing an expanding category for gun buyers to consider. The rifles occupy a sought-after middle ground between rim fire guns and higher-caliber rifles appropriate for hunting larger animals. Birds, rabbits, gophers and even coyotes are controlled efficiently using small caliber varmint rifles. Characteristics of varmint rifles are what you might expect from guns tasked with shooting small fast-moving critters. Calibers are small, including the .17 Remington and the .204 Ruger. High velocities are achieved, exceeding 3000 fps, so the guns have an ability to reach out to sufficient distances. Varmints scatter when hunters approach, so varmint guns are designed to target vermin from fixed positions, with scopes making them accurate beyond 100 yards.

Concealed Carry Guns – Personal protection relies on a few fundamental features, each present in a good concealed carry weapon. Ease of use is especially important, because faculties quickly fall apart under pressure. To effectively thwart threats, citizens need guns capable of accommodating extraordinarily fast response times and well-suited to handling under adverse conditions. Concealed carry pistols must also be exceedingly reliable and consistent in performance, so they step-up when called on to do so. Size and weight requirements vary depending on how guns will be carried, but concealed carry guns with lighter weight and reduced dimensions are more frequently sought than full-sized handgun models.

Plinkers – Rimfire guns provide low-budget access to sport shooting, and they also serve as worthy varmint guns under some circumstances. Plinking at ranges or closer to home is primarily achieved using .22 loads in LR or magnum options. Because they are small and constructed of thin material, rimfire rounds are relatively inexpensive compared to their center-fire counterparts. Prices have escalated significantly in recent years, but ammunition for .22 rimfire guns is still less costly than center fire cartridges.

Full-Sized Handguns – Revolvers and other full-sized handguns provide in-home security and serve concealed carry needs, in some cases. The simplicity and reliability of revolvers makes them perennial favorites among those seeking affordable guns that are easy to fire and clean. Semi-automatic models, like the stalwart M1911, offer increased firing capacities and faster shooting actions. Full-sized options are so widespread, it pays to handle a variety of firearms and consult with gun professionals to zero-in your search for the most appropriate full-sized model for your circumstances.

Shotguns – Perhaps more prolific than any other firearm category, shotguns serve a variety of functions for their owners. Home defense, for example, is a common application for short barreled shotguns, which scatter wide patterns of projectiles over short distances. Shotguns are effective for home defense because they are not as reliant on precision as guns discharging single projectile. Less-experienced users have a better chance of thwarting attacks than they would with a pistol. Throughout history, shotguns have put meat on the table by serving as versatile hunting guns. Fowl, rabbits, squirrels and other small game are typically targeting with shotgun loads. Sportsmen and women also enjoy a variety of target options using shotguns, including trap, skeet and sporting clays.

Like other aspects of your life, the guns you own reflect the priorities you’ve established. While every gun need cannot be accommodated by a single type of firearm, there are worthy specialists available in every gun category. To build your most functional arsenal, first establish your precise needs, and then embrace types of guns best-equipped to serve them.

Daphne Holmes contributed this guest post. She is a writer from http://www.arrestrecords.com and you can reach her at daphneholmes9@gmail.com.

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