The Obama Import Ban

It seemed as though we had relative peace and quiet on the 2nd Amendment front after handing Feinstein and her merry band of anti-freedom clowns a smack-down post Sandy Hook. We soundly defeated all attempts by leftists to grab our semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines at the federal level. Sadly, some states enacted new laws in the wake of the tragedy and further encroached on their citizens Constitutionally protected rights, but the rest of us escaped mostly unscathed due to the quick and decisive action of gun owners.

For the most part the gun-grabbers had whimpered off, licking their wounds and were relegated to waiting for the next tragedy to happen so they could spring forth with new gun ban proposals. The latest school attack was perpetrated by a kid Akimbo wielding kitchen knives and that’s just not enough to excite the masses to support new “assault weapons bans” or magazine capacity limits.

Apparently the wait was too much for them to bare, after all, these folks find liberty and the Bill of Rights so distasteful they can only sit quiet for so long. Having an insatiable itch to push something, ANYTHING, forward on the gun-grabbing front, 80 Congresscritters drafted a letter to the gun-grabber in chief calling for him to waive his magical pen and ban all future imports of semi-automatic firearms. That means no more AK’s, SCAR’s, Tavors, PS90′s, Saiga and VEPR shotguns, etc. should Obama choose to take such action.

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